Meet the Team

Who Are We?

New Leaf DEI Consulting was created by Anna Cone, Toyosi Dickson, Miranda Dupré, Maisy Rohrer, and Allison Williams after assisting in a statewide effort for conservation districts on their DEI journey. The methodology we created allows the client to steer the entire consulting process, creating a unique final product that is customized and relevant to each workplace. Our process allows for easy integration, implementation, and ownership.

Anna Cone

Anna Cone has a background in environmental education and land stewardship. She studied Environmental Science and Community Engagement at Cornell University for undergrad and spent the next few years working on farms and ranches as a naturalist instructor. Anna has professional experience as a DEI instructor for outdoor educators, and finds joy in supporting environmentalists, farmers, and naturalists in their DEI work. Seeking to grow upon her academic understanding of ecological and human systems, Anna received her MS in Ecosystem Science and Management & Environmental Justice at the University of Michigan. In her free time, she enjoys plant identification, songwriting, and woodworking!

Toyosi Dickson

Toyosi Dickson is a formally trained environmental scientist with a bachelor's degree in the field from Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. At Rutgers, Toyosi sought to gain a multidisciplinary experience in the environmental field leading her to join human ecology, geomicrobiology, GIS, and soil science labs during her time there. It was through these experiences she found gaps between the work in the technical field and the impacted communities that were left out of the conversation. It was discrepancies like this that led her to the University of Michigan, where Toyosi met with and learned from peers and elders on the intersection of environmentalism and race. Later, she would go on to earn a Master's in Environment and Sustainability from the University of Michigan. When she gives herself free time, Toyosi enjoys comic books, takeout, and yoga.

Miranda Dupré

Miranda Dupre has a master’s in Environment and Sustainability with a focus on Environmental Justice. She has a background in projects that prioritized community organizing, assessing and meeting community needs, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), interpersonal skills, and grant writing/making. She has a strong orientation with frontline communities of color and an interest in sociology, the environment, and the critical intersection of the two disciplines within communities. In her free time, you can find her spending time in nature, playing the ukulele, snuggling with her cats, and creating zines.

Maisy Rohrer

Maisy Rohrer is an advocate for renewable energy expansion, energy democracy and justice, equitable public health, and urban community farming. She uses her master’s in environmental justice and policy and bachelor’s in psychology to assess organizational cultures and dynamics, in order to meaningfully integrate DEI into existing workplace structures. In the past, she worked in social science research investigating the developmental influences of social biases, and educational biases present in preschool curriculum. Maisy spends time outside of work hiking, mountain biking, reading, and playing with her dogs.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams is a planner and geographer with experience integrating DEI into municipal government. Her professional background ranges from regional and municipal planning, to federal partnership building and research. She holds a Master's in Environmental Justice and Environmental Planning from the University of Michigan, and Bachelor's in both Environmental Studies and Geography from DePaul University. Outside of work, Allison enjoys spending time outside, walking anywhere and everywhere, playing with her pups (Bowie & Bella), and photography.